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SpectronRx has unparalleled experience with procurement of  and labeling with a wide array of isotopes, from globally recognized, high-quality sources.

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Radioactive iodine has been, in various forms, the mainstay of Nuclear Medicine. Iodine-131 is the most widely used iodine isotope for single-photon imaging. SpectronRx has successfully labeled this isotope for critical pediatric instances of neuroblastoma involvement with I-131 Omburtamb for the Danish company, YmAbs Corporation. Our logistics expertise has successfully shipped worldwide treatment for this disease at many children’s hospitals. Iodine-131 (131I), useful for imaging as well as therapy, has contributed more than any other radionuclide to the growth and sustenance of Nuclear Medicine.



We are world knowledge leaders in the labeling of Actinium 225 for a number of established and start-up pharma  Ac 225 is a radioactive element with a half-life of 9.91 days emitting alpha particles with emissions at 5,830 keV and 5,792 keV. It decays first into Francium 221, then successively in Astatine-217, Bismuth 213, Thallium 209 and Lead 209 before leading to the stable Bismuth 209. Actinium 225 is the parent radionuclide of Bismuth 213 in the 225Ac/213Bi generator. Its maximum specific activity is 58,000 Ci/g.

There are 6 ways possible to produce Ac225, SpectronRx understands all current and future production associated with Ac 225. Our successes ensure sustained growth and future expansion of Ac 225-labeled radiopharmaceuticals for the benefit of the cancer patient.



SpectronRx brings experience in both the labeling and production of this isotope. Copper comprises two stable isotopes, 63Cu and 65Cu, and 3 secondary radioisotopes for molecular imaging applications with Cu64 the most popular in research and clinical use. Copper is also used in targeted radiation therapy using 67Cu.

The bio-chemical compounding flexibility of copper allows for a wide variety of chelators, joining systems that can potentially be linked to peptides and other biologically relevant small molecules, antibodies, and proteins. The 12.7-hours half-life of Cu-64 provides the flexibility to image both smaller molecules and larger, slower clearing proteins and nanoparticles.






SpectronRx was an early provider of GMP Lu 177 and understands current reactor and future accelerator production associated with GMP Lu 177 nca. Our success will ensure your sustained growth. Our experience and success in labeling Lu 177 nca will help ensure the patients progress.



Indium as an imaging choice is advantageous based on the excellent image qualities, ease of acquisition, energy-friendly dose, and a workable half-life.

SpectronRx brings labeling experience with this excellent adjacent imaging partner. Good access, energy, and half-life make it a good choice in the theranostic “find it” and “treat it” scheme of cancer management.



SpectronRx, a leader in isotope procurement, continues to explore all avenues for repurposing and recycling key isotopes, Ra-226 being the most critical and sought after.

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